Airpods 3 Alternatives – Where to buy

Top Airpods Alternatives

If your budget allows, there are 5 Airpod Alternatives not to be missed.

  1. Whizzer TP1
  2. Bluedio Earbud T-ELF
  3. Huawei Earbuds – Freebuds 2 Pro and Flyod
  4. OnePlus Buds
  5. Xiaomi Airdots
  6. Chifi IEMs

#1 – Whizzer TP1 TWS Earbuds

best airpod alternative

Exceptional! The workmanship of the case and the headphones is amazing especially in the context of the price. The sound quality is as good as you can get in this price range. Clear, crisp sounds. The touch function works well for the few hours I have used it. Will recommend to anyone looking for stylish headphones with good value.

Price: $52.80

White version is available too. Amazing white piece. This is an improved version of the black ones.


What other buyers say

  • I ‘m very satisfied with this earphone! the product is beautiful and very well built. The quality of the sound is great and also the battery. very comfy on the ears! It took a little bit to long to arrive because the pandemic, but it is worth the waiting
  • It came in 3 weeks. Everything is whole, a little crumpled corners of the box. They came half-sewed. The sound is loud like good. 
  • Product came neatly packaged, as shown in link below. The product includes all the documentation, charging cable (USB-C) and ear pieces of different sizes to fit your ear. Visually, the product is identical to what was shown. Earbuds can be turned on and off by touching. They can be used individually or together. Sound clarity is great. Bass is slightly lacking, but I guess this is normal for this type of product. They are not headphones, after all.

#2 – Bluedio Earbuds

Two types of Bluedio earbuds we recommend.

  1. Bluedi Hi
  2. Bluedi T elf Mini

The all new earbud by Bluedio – the highly acclaimed Chinese brands for headsets. We put this as No 1 as the best alternative due to 3 reasons

  1. Price
  2. Sound bass
  3. Ships worldwide with warehouses in US, Europe, Brazil and Turkey.

Under $20. The highly acclaimed piece of black earbud is all out to fight with Xiaomi Eardots.

You cannot possibly tell one is wearing the earbud. It is so well hidden!

What we love so much on the next is the 3 sizes of silica gel. This kind of earbud has the tendency to lose grip after wearing for some time. With 3 sizes, you can choose and select what fits your earholes. Eureka.

Check Price on Aliexpress

Check price on Amazon

#3 – Huawei Earbuds

Freebuds 2 Pro

Here is a quick look at the HUAWEI FreeBuds 2 Pro The leading contender to the Apple AirPods. Product – Huawe Freebuds 2 Pro Freebuds 2 Wireless earphone Wireless Charge Bluetooth 5.0 Tap control Waterproof IP54

Look at this contrast It looks completely different from the outside photo The case is kind of nice.

There’s the bluetooth pairing button and a USB-C charging port.

There’s a tiny LED indicator at the center And 4 LEDs for the battery level.

It’s got a nice weight to it And of course the 2 main microphones at the bottom with the magnetic charging ports.

There’s 2 small sensors that detect when you pull the earbuds out of your ear and these 2 smaller holes are the secondary microphones for noise cancellation.

These 2 stems when looking head on look pretty thick and they look thinner on the sides.

Price: $94.88

Huawei Honor Flypod 3 (Price dropped!)


These minis come with a protection case cum charging box to provide at most safety when not in use. This replica of airpod is the newest from Huawei Honor. These earphones are highly light-weight and are compatible with the Android as well as iPhone. This is slight expensive but worth every penny! If Apple come out with Airpods Pro, Honor answer by coming out with flypods 3.


A complete wireless model gives you the latest 5.0 Bluetooth technologies, with a wireless charging capacity. Standby time 15 hours and 2.5 hours talk time. Available in 3 different colors – Blue/White/Red. We do like the RED the best. It stands out if you wear it on the go.

The product provides a frequency range up to 20,000Hz with an active noise cancellation and 120±5dB sensitivity. You have also given control buttons and a volume controller on the device. We do love the wireless charging.

If we were to compare this with the newest i12 TWS, we will go for this due to the brand. The automatic pairing wins the i12 TWS hands down!

Click HERE to buy for $69.90

#4 – OnePlus Buds

Playtime (fully charged)
Up to 7 hours (music playback)
4 hours (phone call)
Up to 30 hours (music playback)

Oh, this is the earbud that create the buzz on how US customs are seizing the shipment as they think that this is an infringement. Check out the story here.

Price: $89

#5 – Xiaomi Earbuds (Price dropped!)

Three Kinds of Xiaomi earbuds in the market.

1.Amazfit Powerbuds $109

2. Xiaomi Airdots White $32

3. Xiaomi Airdots Black $17

Amazfit Powerbuds

Powerful earbuds for your exercise

Features of Amazfit Powerbuds

Precise Heart Rate Monitoring During Exercise with clip on hook in magnetic form.

Truly Wireless – ENC Dual-Microphone Noise Reduction – Gentle Tap to Operate

Price: $99

Airdots White

The Airdots are super light, in fact, they are 10% the weight of the Apple Airpods weighing it at 4.2gms.

airpods alternative - xiaomi airdots

Acclaimed to be 4 hours of continuously play…

xiaomi airdots - airpods alternatives

The case for the Airdots are an interesting innovation as they have a dual benefit of charging the Airdots as well as doubling up as a power bank.

The 300 mAh charging dock can charge the Airdots up to 3 times. They fully charge in 30 minutes and can be used up to 5 hours.

Price: $29.99 (White)

Airdots Black

Better version with noise cancelling capability. I love the black earbuds!

It claims to have 4hr. of battery life on one charge, 12hr. of battery life with charging case.

If you are a fan of Xiaomi, you should not miss this airpod alternative. I love how this seller package this up. Look at the colorful protective silicon covers. Just fell in love with these Marvel Series!

Price: $16.35 (Black) – PRICE DROPPED!